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  • Heather Polivka

Why do People-Centered Managers Outperform Their Peers?

The People-centered leadership style is more effective than traditional leadership styles based upon command-and-control that we've leaned on for decades.

People-centered leadership focuses on sharing power to drive engagement, measuring success through outcomes, developing team members, and understanding that the leadership position is about serving others.

Author and motivational speaker Simon Sinek has said, “There are two ways to motivate human behavior. You can manipulate it, or you can inspire it.”

By inspiring the person that will be doing the task instead of manipulating them to complete the task, employee engagement will improve.

This isn’t just a win for the employees, shifting over to the people-centered leadership style and providing management training mitigates turnover and reduces business costs, which results in higher profit!

People-centered leadership leads to higher productivity, better customer service scores, and stronger financial results.

By understanding the strengths of their team, people-centered leaders inspire engagement by supporting employee’s efforts and welcoming their ideas.

Now, how do we cultivate people-centered leaders?

With such a prevalent training gap for effective people-centered leadership, I realized that the best solution to this problem would be to develop the Awesome People Leader Program to provide bite-sized micro lessons, a private online community, and coaching that supports a leader through a full year business cycle. These smaller micro-lessons work with how our brains learn. Serving them up over a longer period of time ensures learning that results in a lifelong foundation of people leadership skills. All delivered in a mobile-friendly, practical, and actionable manner.

We curate content from a breadth of thought-leaders, simplify it, and package it up in an easy-to-understand and fast-to-absorb format. It is designed to work with how learning actually happens.

By taking action to seek out the most effective tools to train your people leaders, you are demonstrating that you are investing in them and providing them with the skills to become an Awesome People Leader.

In turn, your business will thank you and you will see the difference in the retention, work culture, engagement, and productivity.

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