Dealing with people is hard.
Managing them is even harder.

Improving employee engagement and retention starts with developing Awesome People Leaders.

We offer actionable, practical, bite-sized training and support for managers that makes a difference.
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What makes the Awesome People Leaders manager program so...awesome?

A mobile manager training program of micro-lessons with practical application, supported by an experienced business leader.


Access training and support on topics right when you need it.


In as little as 10 minutes, you will learn what you need to know to take action.


Learn alongside other Awesome People Leaders in a private online community.


Ask questions and share scenarios in the online community to gain insight and support.

No one sets out to become the boss that people complain about at happy hour.

Awesome People Leaders makes it easy for leaders to learn the skills they need to lead, manage, develop, and retain people.

You could use Awesome People Leaders if you are struggling with......

High Employee Turnover

75% of employees quit because of their manager.

We develop people leaders that people want to work for. Less management by trial-and-error, more leadership through learning, practice, and growth.

Low Employee Engagement

2/3rds of employees are not engaged at work.

We will help people leaders grow the skills, experience, and talent on the team.

Employee Burnout

61% of employers report employee burnout.

Our program gives managers the tools and support to create a high-performing team where people thrive instead of survive.

New Managers & No Time

Only 30% of managers get training and support.

In as little as 10 minutes a week, we help new managers create a sound foundation of practical, best practices for leading people.

Be the kind of boss you wish you had

Level up your skills

It doesn't have to be hard.

You don't have to take on the equivalent of another full-time job to grow.

Get Guidance from a 3rd party

Impress your boss (& your team) with your new skills and tools!

Take the next step in your career

Managing others is an in-demand skill. Use it to achieve your career goals.

"Awesome People Leaders is, well, awesome! It's awesome because it is easy....easy to navigate, easy to consume, easy to apply.

Let's face it, managing people is hard work -- and some days it's really hard work. Anything that makes it easier is awesome."

Jen M.

Sr. Vice President of Talent Development, East Coast Bank System

About The Awesome People Leaders Manager Program

Awesome People Leaders (APL) is an online manager program designed for anyone in your company who is leading a team of people. That includes managers, directors, floor supervisors, team leads, scrum masters, and project managers.

It's not just another online training program filled with theories to learn but no actionable steps to implement. The Awesome People Leaders manager program is designed specifically to build skills that your people leaders need in order to create and nurture high-performing teams at work. It is a weekly micro-learning of 10 minutes with next steps to apply it to their day-to-day work. APL's practical tips and resources for real-life management scenarios help managers develop the skills, and the online private community gives them a place to collaborate, share, get feedback, and learn from others' experiences.

Awesome People Leaders is not theory based. It is practical and applicable to today's business realities. It is taught and led by an experienced team leader and business practitioner; Heather Polivka has led high-performing teams that people want to be a part of. Her team had the lowest turnover within her global organization. Her real-world knowledge, experience, and proven results means your team is learning from the best.

Watch this video walkthrough of the
Awesome People Leaders Program

What you get as an Awesome People Leader member

A practical masterclass of 50+ micro-learning topics you can apply right away.

Topics include: Active Listening, Building Trust, Collaboration, Communication Basics, Coaching, Delegation, Decision Making, DEI&B Basics, Emotional Intelligence, Engagement, Feedback, Innovation, Managing Change, Prioritizing, Recognition, Unconscious Bias and more!

Program Details

Content, Community, Support & Guidance

  • Micro-lessons on over 50 Topics

  • Currated content from thought-leaders, simplified and repackaged in a digestible, scannable format.

  • Every topic contains a 3-5 minute video, PDF handout, and recommended next steps to apply what you learned.

  • Recieve notifications for each week's Feature Topic with direct links

  • Monthly community calls for live, interactive discussion of real-life work scenarios and Featured Topics.

  • Online, private community available 24/7 for posting questions, viewing video answers, learning from fellow People Leaders, and getting fast support.

  • A guided program while also allowing you to self-pace and jump ahead to relevant topics when real-life work scenarios arise.

  • Quizzes to test knowledge of key concepts!

  • Bonus Materials and resources!

  • Receive a certificate of completion!

  • Our platforms (Teachable & Circle) are ADA compliant and accessible via mobile app and desktop.

  • Full access to all content, resources, and community for 12 months.

"LOVING this program! It could not have come at a more perfect time in my career. I'm only three modules in and I want my company to buy and use this program for all managers. It's so valuable!

Christine F.

Awesome People Leader participant

Why 12 months?

Did you learn what you needed to know as a new manager in 4 weeks? 8 weeks?

or even 3 months? No, of course not.

New Managers are on a vertical learning curve. There's a lot coming at them. Instead of asking them to drink through a fire-house, we serve it up drop-by-drop. We don't cram in information they won't need or know how to use for a few months. They won't retain it.
And we aren't interested in checking boxes.

We have what they need, when they need it, and when they are ready to use it.
We support them for an entire business cycle - a full year of their grand adventure in leading people.


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  • 3 Month program
  • 15 key topics

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Per participant, 12 months paid monthly, USD

  • Full 12 month program
  • 50+ topics
  • Pay monthly

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How Awesome People Leaders creates success for your company


Employee Retention

Reduce employee turnover and increase employee engagement leading to a 21% increase in productivity and 22% increase in profitability.


Employee Satisfaction

Increase employee satisfaction driving a 10% higher customer satisfaction.



Embed your culture from top to bottom of your company, leading to increased employee creativity, innovation and problem solving.

"When I joined Awesome People Leaders, I didn't have direct reports but wanted to grow as a project manager, gain new skills, and become a better team member. I gained all that and SO MUCH MORE! In just a few months it's had a huge impact on my work life, with all the tools I'll ever need to be an awesome people leader."

Blake M.

Awesome People Leader participant

Featured in Franchise Journal

Awesome People Leaders was profiled in the February 2022 Franchise Journal national publication as a solution to employee retention & engagement.

Semi-Finalist in the MNCup

Awesome People Leaders was recently announced as a semi-finalist in the MNCup - an annual startup competition that provides mentorship and resources to accelerate growth. We made the Top 10 list for Education & Training!

Join APL and be part of the next start up success story!

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What people say about us

We have a proven track record of cultivating high-performance teams and Awesome People Leaders.

"I have had the great fortune to work with Heather. She shows up fully present, encouraging others, thoughtful in her responses and filled with compassion. I would not hesitate to bring her into any organization looking to make positive cultural changes."

Hilary Bilbrey

Human Capital Consultant

& Life Coach

"Heather is a great leader and great motivator. I've always appreciated Heather's positivity and the leadership shadow that she casts — she is a compassionate leader and is an influential and effective executive."

Jared Younker

Director of Human Capital Technology at UnitedHealth Group & Former Team Member

"Heather is a visionary leader with the keen ability to bring to life an organization's culture. She not only has a strong ability to influence, motivate, challenge, and drive excellence in execution, but she also is impactful in her ability to drive engagement deeply within teams."

Rebecca Gish

Global Branding and Marketing Leader & Former Team Member

Meet Heather

Where Marketing expertise and HR proficiency come together to create business success.

Heather works with businesses to accelerate growth by creating work environments where people thrive.

As Heather worked with companies and clients of all sizes, she kept seeing the same gap. A gap that was causing great talent to leave, and costing the business as a result: a lack of training and development for front-line and middle managers.

Heather developed the Awesome People Leaders program to address this gap. She used marketing savvy to make it simple, bite-sized and actionable. She incorporated HR knowledge for credible content. Lastly, she leveraged her experience working in a variety of work environments and leadership roles to make it practical and applicable.

"Heather is a healthy visionary. Pies grow and expand with healthy organized teams. Effective strategy and meaningful context will emerge listening to her and sharing your needs to achieve an outcome. Find results with Heather, look nowhere else."

Marlys Norby

Sr. Program Management Specialist, Booz Allen Hamilton

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