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Awesome Leaders Aren't Born -
They're Grown    

Leadership isn’t a title; it’s the awesomeness you bring to the table every day.

Breakthrough leadership development training, real-world coaching, a supportive peer community, and custom advisory services combined to create your culture of awesome

What We Do
Awesome Leader Learning

Training is only effective if people actually do it​

  • Combines science + experience in 15-minute micro-lessons 

  • Delivered in the workflow for easy access

  • Private online community 

  • Multiple options for individualized expert coaching

Our Approach

Designed for dynamic small to mid-sized organizations seeking

to cultivate awesome leaders, people, and culture

The Challenge

When big changes hit or you find the culture that got you here is not getting you there

The Impact

50% of US workers are “Quiet Quitting” – often because leaders are failing them*

The Solution

Awesome People Leaders creates cultures where people thrive instead of survive

* Gallup. (May 2023) Is Quiet Quitting Real.


Your managers are receiving training—why not train everyone?

  • Effective Communication Skills

  • Teamwork and Collaboration

  • Problem-Solving and Adaptability

Awesome Inclusion Training

Teach your team the true essence of inclusion 

  • Comprehensive DEI&B Curriculum

  • Enhanced Team Dynamics & Strategies to Build Trust

  • Long-Term Employee Retention

Awesome Culture Advisory

When the team is looking at their watch and eyeing the door

  • Dive deep into your current culture

  • Set your vision for your awesome culture

  • Build your path to awesome

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