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Our Team

With her magic mix of kindness, trust, and belonging, Suzie doesn't just lead people; she is the magician transforming them into teams bound by deep inspiration and growth. Her bag of tricks is full of project management and team-building wizardry, all with her unique flourish of empathy, clarity, and meticulous attention to detail.

Suzie’s track record of conjuring cultures aligned with business strategy has manifested showstopping sales results, award-winning products, and a unique alchemy of business excellence.   


A proud alumna of the University of Minnesota, Suzie continues to hone her act through ongoing professional development while also actively mentoring and coaching emerging leaders. Suzie is an enchanting mix of grace, grit, and a whole bunch of awesome.

Suzie Heiam


Lauren is a project management fairy godmother with eight years of experience waving her wand and leading successful projects across a variety of industries. With a magic touch for project management and a heart full of passion, she helps businesses grow and thrive.

Infused with a love for design and art, Lauren sprinkles a creative flair into everything she does. When she's not casting spells for project success, you’ll find her cheering on Philly sports teams, grooving at live music events, or unwinding with a good book and her sketchpad.

As she continues her enchanting professional journey, Lauren is dedicated to using her project management expertise to conjure impactful outcomes and make a positive difference in her field. She's a vibrant blend of creativity, determination, and a whole lot of fairy godmother magic.

Lauren Scheetz

Program Coordinator

With his unbeatable blend of Philadelphia grit and Indiana charm, Derrick doesn't just navigate the financial world; he’s the maestro orchestrating market growth and team harmony with finesse and flair. Armed with a Bachelor of Business Administration from Stetson University, Derrick spent over 30 years turning student finance and auto finance into his personal playground, leading Fortune 500 banks to new heights with his strategic sales sorcery.

When he's not dazzling in the financial arena, Derrick transforms into the ultimate basketball guru. With 37 years of coaching magic at the high school, college, and AAU levels. Currently, as the head coach at a private school in Indianapolis, Derrick spun his wand, changing the team’s culture and clinching a conference championship in his second year.

Off the court and out of the office, Derrick channels his competitive spirit into reading, golf, and movies, creating a perfect blend of hustle and relaxation. 

Derrick Williams


With 20+ years of coaching leaders across multiple industries, Jen is an organizational fortune teller, helping leaders anticipate and navigate challenges before it all goes sideways.  With a combination of empathy, candor, and humor, Jen is particularly skilled at designing scaled processes and translating leaders’ strategic visions into actionable strategies. She is an expert in integrating technology, strategy, and change management to create holistic and impactful cultures that drive business evolution.


Based in Richmond, VA, Jen enjoys cooking tasty food, nerding out on board games, and volunteering with a national poverty education program, all with her trusty French Bulldog, Charlotte nearby.

Jen McCuen

Leader Coach

As the Global Head of Recruitment Marketing at Kimberly-Clark, Rebecca Gish is the wizard behind a high-performing team, conjuring up talent marketing and employer branding strategies, campaigns, and capabilities with her unique blend of creativity and expertise. Before casting her spell at Kimberly-Clark, Rebecca was the mastermind behind global talent marketing at UnitedHealth Group. She often jokes that she "grew up" in the agency world, starting her career at Ludlow Advertising and then taking on various roles at New York-based Bayard Advertising (now Appcast), where she transformed from Account Executive and Business Development Manager to Branch Manager.

Rebecca holds an M.B.A. from the Opus College of Business at the University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis, MN, and a B.A. in Mass Communication from Winona State University in Winona, MN. When she's not crafting captivating talent campaigns, she enjoys life in the Atlanta, GA metro area with her husband and two sons, infusing her daily routine with a mix of family fun and professional prowess.

Rebecca Gish

Leader Coach

As the Chief Technology Officer at Awesome People Leaders, Jeff is the tech wizard who turns complex technical jargon into clear, actionable business magic. With a strategic mind like a well-oiled machine and a hands-on approach that’s always wired for success, he’s been instrumental in implementing cutting-edge technologies that boost operational efficiency and drive business success. Jeff's knack for building and inspiring cross-functional teams has been the key to his motherboard of success, delivering impactful solutions that byte through the demands of today's fast-paced digital world.

Jeff Stole

Technology Lead

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