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Our Team

With her magic mix of kindness, trust, and belonging, Suzie doesn't just lead people; she is the magician transforming them into teams bound by deep inspiration and growth. Her bag of tricks is full of project management and team-building wizardry, all with her unique flourish of empathy, clarity, and meticulous attention to detail.

Suzie’s track record of conjuring cultures aligned with business strategy has manifested showstopping sales results, award-winning products, and a unique alchemy of business excellence.   


A proud alumna of the University of Minnesota, Suzie continues to hone her act through ongoing professional development while also actively mentoring and coaching emerging leaders. Suzie is an enchanting mix of grace, grit, and a whole bunch of awesome.

Suzie Heiam

Head of Sales and Business Development

A diehard Philadelphia sports fan, Lauren’s talents as a project leader mirror the best of Philadelphia sports: the focus and precision of a Phillies pitcher, the adaptability and agility of a 76ers guard, the cool composure of an Eagles quarterback under pressure, and the relentless spirit of a Flyers defenseman.  Like any great team, her approach is driven by a hard-working, collaborative, and winning spirit.

Lauren approaches every challenge like it is game day, where strategy, teamwork, and determination will lead to victory.  Lauren Scheetz is in a league of her own – a league of pure awesome.

Lauren Scheetz

Program Coordinator

With 20+ years of coaching leaders across multiple industries, Jen is an organizational fortune teller, helping leaders anticipate and navigate challenges before it all goes sideways.  With a combination of empathy, candor, and humor, Jen is particularly skilled at designing scaled processes and translating leaders’ strategic visions into actionable strategies. She is an expert in integrating technology, strategy, and change management to create holistic and impactful cultures that drive business evolution.


Based in Richmond, VA, Jen enjoys cooking tasty food, nerding out on board games, and volunteering with a national poverty education program, all with her trusty French Bulldog, Charlotte nearby.

Jen McCuen

Leader Coach

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