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Awesome People

Coming Soon! 


Your managers are receiving training—why not extend that opportunity to everyone?

Awesome People will help all team members learn to collaborate effectively, fostering a healthy work environment and enhancing employee retention.


Gain a deep understanding of how your culture today may or may not serve your business goals

Understand your Culture

Create an Employee Value Proposition that will help you attract and retain an awesome team

Employee Value Proposition

We don’t just give you a slide deck and wish you well, you will have a clear action plan and our support to make it real – real awesome that is!

Make it Actionable

Transforming Your Culture


  • Culture Assessment Survey

  • Culture Mapping Workshop

  • Clarity: What is the state of your culture?


  • A new vision for your culture

  • Collaboration to integrate your strategy

  • Clarity: What will your culture become?


  • Actionable 1-Year roadmap

  • Expert support and tools at your fingertips

  • Clarity: How will you make it happen?

Awesome Stories

“When I think about where we were a year ago versus where we are now, how much growth we’ve gone through as a company due to our work with Awesome Culture Advisory, I’m so proud and grateful.”

Michele Campbell

Director at RH2 Engineering

"I saw that Heather was the personality I wanted on my team for change. While working on the Culture process, I was surprised at how quickly others embraced her strategies. We've seen an increase in leadership involvement as a result of the work we have done with Heather."

Skylynn Powell

Senior Human Resources Leader 

"Awesome Culture Advisory dove into our organization and, through research and stakeholder conversations, was able to connect the dots and uncover foundational opportunities, providing us with options to not only positively grow the culture but set it up for sustainable success. We highly recommend Awesome Culture Advisory to help unleash the power of your people."

Heather Boschke

Vice-Chair of the Board, Educational Non-Profit

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